Stefanos Komninos Senior Manager

Personal Roadmap
  • Stefanos is Senior Manager of iMinder.
  • He has completed postgraduate studies at the JFK Government School of Harvard University and Birkbeck College, University of London and is a graduate of Athens University of Economics (AUEB).
  • Stefanos also worked for the management of the leading Greek Supermarket chain, I. & S. Sklavenitis and as a research associate in the General Secretariat for Commerce (achieving the inflation decline, critical for Greece’s entry into EMU).
  • He has been a member of the Board of Hellenic Export Promotion Organization and member of business associations, such as ECR Hellas.
  • Advanced Market Research: Consumer and Shopper Insights, Trade Opinion Surveys
  • Marketing Tools and Structures Design
  • Analysis of Distribution Channels -Products and Services Categories

Professional Achievements

  • Managing all major reengineering and diagnostic projects, supporting companies in Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Albania. Focus in both production and trade.
  • Identifying opportunities and developing cooperation between Producers / Suppliers and Distributors, He focuses in both production and trade, reorganizing business and commercial segments, designing tools, marketing and management structures, training executives in sales and negotiation techniques, handling and servicing large customers etc.
  • In between and for five continuous years (2009 – 2014), he served as Secretary General at the Ministry of Economy & Development. During his tenure, he was responsible for:
    • running and reengineering the administration of the General Secretariat (350 civil servants).
    • saving €1bn annually by creating and implementing a modern drugs pricing system
    • initiating and developing e-government projects: i) Electronic Business Registry – GEMI and One Stop Shop for starting up a company ii) Observatory of Consumer Prices (1400 SKUs on 1300 Stores), iii) integrated e-procurement platform for the total of government (Registry and Tender) iv) Inflow – Outflow System of Fuels at the retail level (6000 petrol stations) to combat smuggling.
    • reforming the regulatory framework on i) competition law ii) new corporate format – IKE iii) trademarks rights iv) Market Operation Code (DIEPPY) v) counterfeit & illegal trade Surveillance Structure vi) public procurement (Central Purchasing Bodies, e-procurement, framework agreements / e-auctions)

contact details

+357 94 042 288
Λευκωσία, Κύπρος

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